Hi,  this is the website of EJ guitars. This site is dedicated to the build and design of my own model, the Reign.

You'll find pics and reports on all I encountered on this quest. I hope you'll enjoy!

Like i said on my other site,  this is not a tutorial, i am not a professional guitar builder. It is purely a hobby and I want to share my story with you.

If you are a professional luthier and you see me doing something completely wrong, please feel free to tell me what I should be doing!  I have to discover all the things I do as I go along.  Sometimes this works out great and sometimes it doesn't.  I hope I gained enough skills and knowledge building my first 3 guitars.  Of course I read a lot and saw hundreds of videos on youtube and that helped a lot too!

so let's get this party started!


thanks for reading

Edwin J.


still a flat surface... but not for long....